Russell Westbrook Details Michael Jordan’s Impact On Wednesday’s Meeting

Photo Credit: Steve Sisney/Oklahoma Heritage Association via AP

Russell Westbrook Details Michael Jordan’s Impact On Wednesday’s Meeting


Michael Jordan broke out of his silence in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, providing a political voice during Wednesday’s meeting among players and coaches over their protest talks. 

Jordan reportedly reached out to Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook to better understand the concerns of the players. Westbrook now detailed their conversation with Jordan, speaking about the impact that Jordan has provided during their meeting.

Per Michael Shapiro of Sports Illustrated:


“Well [Jordan] has always been huge in trying to give back not just to communities, but African-American communities,” Westbrook told the media in a Zoom call on Friday. “During the meeting between myself and players and owners, he was huge. He was huge in making sure that whatever we want to do together, we get it done.”

“We’ve had previous conversations with ownership and players and some of the things that we wanted we weren’t able to get done. But MJ was adamant about making sure that we get things done and get them done the right way.”


The Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers showed willingness to scrap the season, while the rest of the teams voted to resume the remainder of the playoffs. While there were lots of disagreement, all parties made a conclusion to resume the playoffs on Saturday. 

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