Rodney Hood Refused To Play In 4th Quarter Of Game 4

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Rodney Hood Refused To Play In 4th Quarter Of Game 4


The Cleveland Cavaliers tore down their roster at the trade deadline, in the hopes of reaching a fourth consecutive NBA Finals. While their 4th consecutive Finals appearance is within reach, not all of the trades turned out to be a success.

First and foremost, Rodney Hood. Hood was thought to be a very exciting prospect for the Cavs. Hood is unorthodox being a left handed, and he’s got great size and length being a 6-foot-8 shooting guard. Hood can stretch the floor, score the ball and defend, all things the Cavs were craving back then.

But now, a couple of months later, we know that this didn’t work out as planned. Hood isn’t getting a lot of playing time, and when he is on the court, he’s not really playing well.

During last night’s game 4, Rodney Hood even refused to enter the game when summoned in the fourth quarter. In refusing to play, he was making his teammtes angry.

With 7:38 minutes to go in the fourth and a 30 point lead, head coach Tyronn Lue wanted to sub in Hood for LeBron James. but Hood refused.


It was a great opportunity for a struggling youngster to try to find his rhythm without any pressure before the next series. Instead, Hood refused to go in, multiple sources confirmed.

A number of veterans huddled around him during the timeout and tried talking sense into him, but Hood still refused to go, so Jose Calderon subbed into the game instead. Hood dressed quickly and was one of the first players out of the locker room after the game.

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I wouldn’t be too surprised if we’ve seen Hood wearing Cavs’ colors for the last time in his career. He’s lost his spot in the rotation to Cedi Osman anyways, and such behaviour isn’t really welcome within teams.

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