Chris Paul Praises ‘Little Brother’ Donovan Mitchell

Photo Credit: Rick Bowmer/AP

Chris Paul Praises ‘Little Brother’ Donovan Mitchell


In last night’s series deciding Game 5, Chris Paul was spectacular. He was the deciding player in the finals two games against Utah, and one of the main reasons the Rockets advanced. In these five games, Paul mostly matched up with a close friend of his, Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell.

Paul always has an open ear for Mitchell and was the main reason that Mitchell went pro, instead of staying at University for another year. After the game ended, Paul gave Mitchell a big hug, and talked about what he told the rookie, who is like a little brother to him.


“That’s like my little brother, man. I talk to him (Donovan Mitchell) all the time, and I ain’t talk to him one time during this playoff series. I told him, ‘Hell of a series and get healthy.’”

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