Ridiculous: Stephen A. Smith Is Convinced He Could Get A Bucket On LeBron James


In the world of sports commentary, hot takes are as common as the games themselves. But every so often, a take comes along that’s so bold, it transcends the usual banter. Enter Stephen A. Smith, a man whose confidence knows no bounds, especially when it comes to his basketball skills—or so he claims.

Recently, on ESPN’s First Take, Smith made a statement that left the sports world in stitches. He asserted, with the utmost seriousness, that he could score a bucket on none other than LeBron James. Yes, the LeBron James: four-time NBA MVP, 20-time All-Star, and one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

The scenario Smith painted was simple: a one-on-one game to 100 points, with Smith starting at 99 and LeBron at zero. No make-it-take-it rule, just one shot needed for Smith to claim victory. His rationale? Given 30 chances, he’s confident he could make one shot.


“Let me be very, very clear. I said it and I meant it. Check this out: If he doesn’t have to give the ball back, he’ll score 100 straight on me. I can’t stop him. I’m not saying that. But they’re trying to say if you’ve got to get to 100 and they’re going to give me 99, I can’t make one damn shot?”



Of course, this isn’t the first time Smith has made headlines for his basketball-related comments. His shooting form, displayed in various clips, has been the subject of much jest. James Harden, an NBA star known for his scoring prowess, even suggested that Smith should stick to his day job.



The debate is part of the fun, a hypothetical that sparks conversation and laughter. And while the likelihood of Smith scoring on LeBron is slim, the sports world can appreciate the humor and audacity of such a claim.

In the end, Smith’s statement is a testament to the entertainment value he brings to sports commentary. Whether you find his confidence delusional or inspiring, one thing is certain: Stephen A. Smith knows how to capture the audience’s attention.

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