Giannis Antekounmpo Has Epic Explanation For Why He Doesn’t Display His Trophies

Photo Credit: Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports


At age 27, Giannis Antetokounmpo has built up quite a resume highlighted by an NBA championship, an NBA Finals MVP, two Most Valuable Player of the Year awards, a Defensive Player of the Year honor, and six NBA All-Star appearances. 

The Greek Freak is part of every conversation regarding the best player in the world. While the label seems fitting for him, Antetokounmpo isn’t interested in being called as one.

The two-time MVP doesn’t even display his trophies at all. When asked if he had physical objects in his house to remind him of his successes, Giannis revealed that he only keeps them in the office, because he wants to keep himself desperate for success and not become satisfied.

Per The Athletic:


“I feel like sometimes looking at (accomplishments from the past) stops you from going out there and chasing and being desperate. Why I’m here is because I’m desperate. I’m not as talented as Steph. I’m not as talented as KD. I’m [expletive] desperate. I’m obsessed. I’m scared to lose what God has gave me and the life that I’ve provided for my kids and my brothers and for my mom, you know? I’m scared. So [expletive] work as hard as I can, because I don’t want to lose this [expletive]. And it’s not gonna stop until I’m out of this league.”


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