Rick Barry’s Epic Rant About The State Of The League

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Barry’s Epic Rant About The State Of The League


We’ve had plenty of former players criticize their successors in the NBA as of late. Some of them could be considered as certified haters.

Another former legend now voiced his opinion about the state of the league, but criticized the officiating rather than the players, who he admires and dubs as incredible.

According to Rick Barry, NBA officials should study the rulebook better and start calling travels, carries, and moving screens. While Barry goes overboard at times – he even counts the moving screens in games he watches – he is spot on, if we’re being honest. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a carry being called.


“Get the officials to call it by the rulebook. Stop the traveling, stop the carrying of the ball, stop the moving screens. Call the damn game according to the rulebook because players will adjust. If you’re going to allow them to get away with it, well of course, they’ll keep doing it. Call the game according to the rulebook.

..It’s such an advantage to let a guy carry the basketball or take an extra step, that’s ridiculous. Why are you giving all these advantages to guys? They’re breaking the rules … It’s pathetic. For me to watch this game, the way I was taught how to play the game, to watch this, what they allow to let go, it’s an embarrassment. I’m sorry, it is. It’s an incredible game, the athletes are incredible, what they can do is incredible. But they’re getting away with murder. I blame the officials. Call the damn game accordingly.”


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