The Lakers Won, But Lakers Fans Booed Nontheless

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers Won, But Lakers Fans Booed Nontheless


This is something you don’t see very often.

The Lakers were up by 13 points with under three seconds to go in the 4th quarter when the fans started booing. A great game by the team, with a great performance by Kyle Kuzma and the fans start booing?

Well, to understand what was happening, you probably need some context. If the Lakers hold opposing teams to under 100 points in a game (which rarely happens in today’s NBA), people in the audience get free tacos. The Pistons had 98 points with the game basically over and the crowd was already chanting:


“We want tacos!”


Then, Bruce Brown thought ‘if I’m already taking that L back to Detroit, Ima make sure these suckers won’t get any free tacos’ and proceeded to make a layup for Pistons points 99 and 100.

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