Rich Paul Says Bronny James Is Not Signing A 2-Way Contract: “I’m Not Doing That”


In professional basketball, the path to the NBA is fraught with critical decisions for young athletes and their representatives. The latest buzz centers around Bronny James, the promising young talent and son of basketball legend LeBron James. His agent, Rich Paul, has made headlines with a firm stance against a two-way deal for his client, a move that has sparked discussions across the sports community.

Rich Paul’s declaration that Bronny James will not be signing a two-way contract has made its round within the NBA landscape.

Per Bleacher Report:


“Yes, that’s absolutely true. Teams know that. I’m not doing that,” stated Paul.


This bold position underscores a confidence in Bronny’s abilities and potential to secure a more favorable contract. It’s a gamble that could pay off significantly, positioning Bronny on a team that aligns with his skills and long-term career trajectory.

Bronny’s draft stock has been a topic of intense debate. While some teams project him in the 20-40 range, others suggest a 30-50 range, and there are those who believe he might go undrafted. Despite the uncertainty, Paul’s strategy is clear: find the right fit for Bronny, even if it means turning down certain opportunities. The goal is not just to land a spot in the NBA but to do so in a situation that maximizes Bronny’s development and success.

A two-way contract would likely require Bronny to split his time between the NBA and the G League, potentially impacting his growth and exposure in his rookie season. By ruling out such a deal, Paul is advocating for a standard NBA contract, which would offer Bronny a better chance to remain on an NBA roster throughout the season.

Rich Paul is no stranger to navigating the complexities of the NBA, having managed the career of LeBron James. Now, he applies his expertise to chart a course for Bronny that avoids the pitfalls of a two-way contract. This approach not only speaks to Bronny’s capabilities but also to Paul’s negotiation skills and his commitment to his clients’ best interests.

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