Lonzo Ball Reveals His Current Knee Recovery Included A Meniscus Transplant From A Donor


Chicago Bulls guard Lonzo Ball had massive hype entering the league, and while he remains a valuable asset in the NBA, constant injuries have prevented his career from reaching the next level over and over again.

Ball now has disclosed the extensive nature of his current knee recovery, which included a meniscus transplant from a donor. This procedure marks a significant milestone in sports medicine and offers hope for athletes facing similar challenges.


“I had to get new meniscus from a donor, I had to get a bone allograft and I had to get some new cartilage put in as well.”



Lonzo Ball’s journey through injury began with a meniscus tear during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. The injury saga continued, also in New Orleans and Chicago, leading to multiple surgeries and over two and a half years away from the NBA. The complexity of Ball’s condition was such that traditional treatments were no longer viable, prompting the need for innovative solutions.

The solution came in the form of a meniscus transplant, a procedure rarely performed on professional athletes. Ball’s situation was unique; he had torn his meniscus multiple times, leaving him with little to no cartilage and resulting in bone-on-bone friction. The transplant, coupled with a bone allograft and new cartilage, was a bold move to restore the knee’s functionality.

Ball’s recovery has been a testament to his resilience and the medical team’s expertise. After 15 months of rigorous rehabilitation and no major setbacks, Ball is back on the court, working towards his return to the game he loves. 

As he prepares for the upcoming season, Ball’s onfidence is high. He believes firmly in his ability to play on opening night, setting a precedent for recovery from such a complex procedure. If successful, Ball’s comeback could be historic, as no NBA player has returned to competition after undergoing both a cartilage and meniscus transplant.

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