Reggie Miller’s Ice-Cold Taunt Cements Legacy In Knicks-Pacers Rivalry


In the aftermath of a heated Game 7 in the NBA playoffs, Reggie Miller, the Indiana Pacers legend, once again proved that his knack for getting under the skin of New York Knicks fans hasn’t waned with time. The Pacers’ victory over the Knicks not only secured their spot in the Conference Finals but also gave Miller the perfect opportunity to deliver a stinging reminder of the long-standing rivalry between him and the Knicks faithful.

Miller took to Instagram with a post that was both a celebration of the Pacers’ triumph and a jab at the Knicks’ expense. His message was clear: the Pacers were moving on, and the Knicks were going home. “When the series changed!!,” Miller wrote, referencing a pivotal moment earlier in the series with Josh Hart. “Jalen Brunson, you are a true BALLER, been the best player in these playoffs, but you and your boys can all heal up together on some beautiful beaches in Cancun, please enjoy!!” This taunt was a callback to the chants and jeers directed at Miller during the earlier games at Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks fans did not hold back their disdain for the Pacers legend.

The rivalry, which has its roots in the intense playoff battles of the 1990s, saw a new chapter written with the Pacers’ dominant 130-109 win. The Pacers’ performance was nothing short of a shooting clinic, with a playoff record field goal percentage of 67.1%, leaving the Knicks and their supporters in stunned silence. Miller’s post-game comment was the icing on the cake, a reminder that the ‘Knick Killer’ still had the power to rile up the New York crowd.

As the Pacers gear up for their next challenge, and the Knicks reflect on what might have been, one thing is certain: Reggie Miller’s legacy as a thorn in the side of Knicks fans is as enduring as ever. His latest Instagram taunt is not just a moment of personal triumph, but a testament to the enduring intensity of one of the NBA’s greatest rivalries.


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