Jonathan Isaac Releases Book With Ben Shapiro About Refusal To Kneel During National Anthem

Photo Credit: Ashley Landis/AP Photo

Jonathan Isaac Releases Book With Ben Shapiro About Refusal To Kneel During National Anthem


Jonathan Isaac’s time in the 2020 NBA Bubble may have been short, but it was very intense and memorable.

In his second bubble game against the Sacramento Kings, Isaac suffered an ACL tear in his left knee that not only kept him on the sidelines for the rest of the season, but also the next. Until now, he still hasn’t played this season, as he’s still rehabbing from his injury.

The tall forward was having a breakout year before suffering a severe sprain on his left knee that kept him out for a long time, prior to the hiatus.

While Isaac only played two games in the NBA re-start, his time in the Bubble was memorable. He was the only player not to kneel for the national anthem, and the only player not to wear a “Black Lives Matter” warmup shirt.

Isaac said he didn’t feel that kneeling or wearing a shirt was representative of believing that black lives matter, while also tying his decision to religion.

While most of his fellow NBA colleagues accepted his explanation and offered their support, Isaac also became somewhat of a poster-boy for the ‘All Lives Matter’ movement of ignorant people and conservatives, who somehow feel threatened by equality.

Due to him not kneeling for the national anthem, his jersey sales exploded, and his jersey briefly became the NBA’s second most sold jersey behind this of Lakers superstar LeBron James.

Then it got very quiet when it comes to news about the defensive stud… Until now.

Isaac now announced his book titled “Why I Stand”. It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that his publisher is the the Daily Wire, also home of Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens. More so, Isaac even teamed up with Shapiro to write the book. 

In a video trailer for the book, Ben Shapiro even appears and shakes Isaac’s hand.


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