Rashad McCants Reveals How NBA Players Steal ‘Your Girlfriends’ At Games


Athletes and other celebrities have been stealing your girls ever since the beginning of time… so it feels. 

But while players like Allen Iverson had an entire squad of ten that were searching the entire NBA arenas for women to fit his demographic, today’s players have it a lot easier with social media and everything that goes along with it.

However, this doesn’t matter that today’s players still use old techniques from time to time. 

Former NBA player Rashad McCants now shed some light on the topic and revealed how players are ‘stealing your girls’:


“Snipers. You at the game with your girl and you go to the bathroom and we see she by herself, by the time you get back we might have her number. Ball boy. Go get her. You see her right there? Yeah. No, no, no. Right there. Yeah. Get her,” Rashad McCants said. “That’s how it happens when you all of a sudden thinking, man, my baby, she had some, she want to go to some concert or something. She ain’t going to no concert. She outta town, boy. You got to be careful.

And it’s social media now It’s Snapchat is hidden invisible DMs. It’s you don’t open up the picture all the way. It’ll disappear. Like boy, what. Drake is in DMs of little girls in Wisconsin and chicks that ain’t never been nowhere. And he go in there. Like you said, what happens after that? You can’t go down after Drake been in your DM.”


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