Philadelphia 76ers Players Are Reportedly ‘Not Feeling’ Doc Rivers

Photo Credit: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Philadelphia 76ers Players Are Reportedly ‘Not Feeling’ Doc Rivers


In his first season with the Philadelphia 76ers last year, Doc Rivers coached the team to a 49-23 record, owning the best record and the first seed in the Eastern Conference. As for this year, the Sixers have managed to stay elite and are currently placed fourth in the conference with a 46-30 record. 

Although the Sixers under Rivers have yielded immediate positive results, there seems to be some kind of disconnect brewing between the 60-year old veteran coach and his players, at least, according to a report which was disclosed by NBA insider Wosney Lambre.

Appearing on The Ringer NBA Show podcast, Lambre shared that he’s hearing that some Sixers players are not feeling their head coach when it comes to rotations and philosophy. He added that an individual close to the team doesn’t even see the Sixers making a deep rally in the upcoming NBA playoffs.


“A few weeks ago – because I’m decently tapped-in with the players side of what’s happening with the Sixers, no I don’t know anybody in the Morey administration. Anyway I’m hearing like, ‘Man, some guys are not feeling Doc. And His rotations, his philosophy, what he’s doing. Guys aren’t feeling it.’ To me sometimes you can chalk it up to be like, ‘I should be playing more.’ That’s every NBA player. So I’m like, I’m ignoring this. I’m ignoring this.

“The Sixers are in L.A. last week, I’m out and about getting dinner […] and I run into somebody who’s close to the team. […] I’m like, ‘Sorry but I can’t pick you guys to go to the Finals this year.’ His response kind of raised my eyebrows: ‘Neither would I.’ Oh, okay. Maybe that’s hyperbole, maybe you’re having a bad week, I’m not even thinking about it. But this is a running tally of what’s going on down in Philadelphia.”


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