Paul Pierce Scuffles With “Racist” Security At Khabib-McGregor Fight

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce Scuffles With “Racist” Security At Khabib-McGregor Fight


The huge brawl inside and outside the octagon that broke out when Khabib jumped over the fence to attack McGregor’s team, after Saturday night’s UFC lightweight championship fight, wasn’t the only altercation with a famous sports personality that night.

According to various reports, Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce got into a scuffle with the arena security, while attempting to reach his seat in the arena.

The ten-time All-Star was heard calling the security personnel racist. It appears as security didn’t believe Pierce was really seated on the floor. I can understand why he was mad. Via TMZ:


“Paul was trying to get to the first floor of the arena when apparently a security guard questioned if he had a ticket to be in the area. The two exchanged words, and at one point the guard puts his hands on Pierce to block him from walking. Staff eventually intervened and the two separated, you hear Pierce call the guards racist before walking back to his seat.”


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