Paul George’s Light-Up PlayStation PG2 Sneakers

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Paul George’s Light-Up PlayStation PG2 Sneakers


In OKC’s blowout victory over the Cavs last night, Paul George debuted the new PG-2 PlayStation colorway, and they looked amazing!

The shoes will officialy be released on February 10, and not only have PG’s logo, but also the PlayStation logo on its tongues. The logos light up the same way your PS4 will light up when you turn it on. There even is a PSN voucher code on the heel, that will allow you to download a Paul George Dynamic Theme for your PS4.



The sneakers express George’s affinity with video gaming, as he told PlayStation that sports and video games have always been his favorite hobbies:


“Just like basketball, I’ve had a knack for video games since I was a kid. When I was 8 or 9, I used to amaze my uncle and all his friends by consistently beating them in all the sports games we’d play. And if I saw something cool while I was playing, I’d go outside and try it out on the court or the field. So in a way, sports an


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