Paul George Says Clippers’ Chemistry Is Much Improved From Last Season

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ashley Landis

Paul George Says Clippers’ Chemistry Is Much Improved From Last Season


Things could have definitely turned out more successfully for the Los Angeles Clippers last season.

Starting the season as on of the league’s top contenders, their season was cut short by the Denver Nuggets in the Eastern Conference Finals, after the Clippers had already led the series three games to one.

Paul George, who failed to meet expectations and kept coming up short on multiple occasions in both the regular season and the playoffs, was made the scapegoat.

George however, isn’t letting the outside noise dictate his performance going forward, and has been trying to silence his critics with some great performances. Piece by piece.

But not only Paul George, but the entire Clippers are trying to bring their reputation back up and have looked great. Even the much reported locker-room issues from last year seem to have been put aside, according to George.

Per CBS Sports:


“The chemistry is amazing,” George added. “It’s a real bond. It’s fun, with this team, it’s locked in, we are together; it is one of the best locker rooms I have been around and been in. Hopefully, you guys see it, just how well we are meshing. We are going to continue to build off of that; we like where we are at and like where we are heading, and we want to see this thing play all the way through.”


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