LeBron Got Ripped For Wearing Beto O’Rourke Hat

Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports

LeBron Got Ripped For Wearing Beto O’Rourke Hat


NBA players and coaches have become a lot more vocal about political topics in recent years. San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, as well as LeBron James and Stephen Curry are among the most talkative personalities in the league when it comes to stating their opinion on politics and global issues.

On top of that, all of them aren’t exactly fans of Donald Trump and the current gouvernment.

But this past weekend, Twitter got mad at LeBron James, because he supported Texan US Senate candidate for the Democrats, Beto O’Rourke, even though he is not going to be able to vote in the Texas primaries. James endorsed the opponent of Republican Senate seat holder Ted Cruz by wearing a ‘Beto for Senate’ hat.

People got mad. FYI: I love pissed off conservatives…



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