Paul George Closing In On Ricky Davis’ Record Nobody Wants

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Paul George Closing In On Ricky Davis’ Record Nobody Wants


Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder clinched a playoff berth. With only one regular season game remaining, this was way closer than most would have anticipated before the season started.

But, it doesn’t matter how you make the playoffs, as long as you make them. Once the first game tips-off, it’s whole new story. A whole new story is also what Paul George, who is in a major shooting slump, is hoping for. The All-Star somehow has lost his touch and hasn’t shot 50% or above from the field since Feburary 15. That’s two months with subpar shooting.

George has been prone to the occasional cold shooting streaks ever since he’s entered the league, but this time, even he feels there’s something mechanically wrong with his shot:


“I don’t know that it is. It just feels funny. Shooting the ball feels funny.”


PG is even closing in on an old NBA record. Unfortunately for him, it’s a record you don’t want to own. With his 21 straight games in which he’s taken more than 12 shots but shot under 50% from the field, he now is only six games shy of Ricky Davis’ 27-game under 50 percent streak, which is the worst in 35 years.


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