Pacers Coach Rick Carlisle Says They ‘Deserve A Fair Shot’ From Referees


Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle did not hold back in expressing his frustration over the officiating during their second-round series against the New York Knicks. After getting ejected in the fourth quarter of Game 2, Carlisle criticized the referees and passionately voiced his concerns.

The pivotal moment occurred late in the game when officials initially signaled a double dribble by Isaiah Hartenstein with 1:19 remaining (the Pacers were trailing 124-118). However, the call was overturned, with officials claiming it was an inadvertent whistle, allowing possession to remain with the Knicks. Carlisle’s frustration escalated, leading to his ejection after receiving his second technical foul for clapping his hands in front of official Mark Davis.

In his post-game press conference, Carlisle opened up about the officiating. He began by referencing Game 1, where he believed there were 29 calls that were clearly made the wrong way. Despite not submitting those complaints, he hoped for a more balanced whistle in Game 2. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and Carlisle expressed his disappointment:


“Game 1…29 plays…clearly called wrong way…Didn’t submit…[Tonight] Haliburton’s got bad back & Hart comes up & shoves him…all over Twitter…no whistle…shocking. Many others; I can promise you we’re gonna submit these tonight. New York can get ready…Their physicality is rewarded & ours is penalized…Small market teams deserve an equal shot…”



While Carlisle’s frustration is understandable, the Pacers cannot solely blame officiating for their 2-0 series deficit. They’ve been outmatched on the glass in both games against the Knicks. The physicality and intensity of the rivalry have been on full display, but Indiana must shift its focus to Game 3. Despite the challenges, they’ve matched New York’s energy, and now they face a must-win situation at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Carlisle’s fiery comments may resonate with fans, but ultimately, the Pacers need to address their rebounding woes and find a way to turn the series around. The officiating won’t change the outcome, and Indiana must rise to the occasion in Game 3.

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