Patrick Beverley Wants Everyone To Know That Kawhi Leonard Is The Best Player In The NBA

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Marco Garcia

Patrick Beverley Wants Everyone To Know That Kawhi Leonard Is The Best Player In The NBA


Kawhi Leonard inarguably is one of the top players in the league today. Coming off a year as an NBA champion and Finals MVP, and now leading another championship contender, it comes to no surprise when fans, players and media personalities are calling Leonard as the best player of today’s game.

Although the ‘best player’ mantra is mainly handed to LA rival LeBron James, Leonard’s teammate Patrick Beverley wants everyone to know that Leonard, not LeBron or anyone else, is the one to be regarded as the best player.


“I got the wire on. Let the people know why Kawhi the best player in the NBA. They don’t believe me.” Beverley said during a mic’d up.



Leonard has had some impressive performances that leave the impression that he might actually be the best player in today’s game. Leonard isn’t much of a stat-sheet stuffer, but he always provides an impact that allows the team to operate like a well-oiled machine on both ends of the floor.

Despite having multiple teammates who can score on double-digits, Leonard is averaging a career-high in field goal attempts with 19.9 FGA and is currently averaging 27.1 points to go along with 7.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game on 46.8% FG.

The Los Angeles Clippers are showing that they have what it takes to become this year’s NBA champions. They have a proven championship player in Leonard, a solid ‘Robin’ in Paul George and a bunch of dogs who can turn it up on both ends of the floor. The Clippers currently have a 48-23 win-loss record and will face the Dallas Mavericks in first round of the upcoming NBA playoffs.

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