Dear Chris Bosh – A Letter To Chris Bosh

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


Dear Chris Bosh,

No one wanted to see this, no one wanted to see you go out this way. As someone who has played sport their entire life and played in professional environments I know what It’s like to be sidelined, unable to do what you love and help your teammates. To be honest, I’ve only known this from an injury or suspension standpoint, but what you are going through is a whole other world.

I can’t imagine the pain you were in, when you received the news. For a champion, it’s hard to take when someone is taking away your livelihood. All you want to do is dribble a basketball in front of the people that supported you, but it’s been taken away. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, or how much you’re hurting.

I admire your courage, your fight to comeback and prove everyone wrong. Many thought when you initially were sidelined that was the end for you, but they didn’t know how much fight you had, maybe even too much fight some may say. They can say what they want, but what they don’t understand is the competitive fire that burns inside every athlete when they are doing what they love the most.

I’m sad I’ll never see you on an NBA floor again, but I do hope you stay involved in the game, you’re too valuable to the game not to. Not seeing you play will be hard, but nothing should ever comprise your health. Lucky for us fans, we have the memories we can always rely on. They’re always only a DVD or YouTube search away.

I will never ever forget; “REBOUND BOSH, OUT TO ALLEN, HIS THREE-POINTER, BANG!!!”

That was by far the single greatest offensive rebound in NBA history that caused Mike Breen to scream his greatest “BANG” call ever as well, I thank you for that. It is by far the most underrated board in playoff history. It was moments like that where only true NBA fans will understand your value and sacrifice. In Toronto you were the one taking those shots, and even despite people claiming you were a third wheel in Miami you didn’t care, and you sacrificed more than anyone will ever know to be the champion you are today.

I hope that this is only a little hurdle in an otherwise very fruitful relationship with the NBA. This may be hard now, but in time it will all make sense and will open up other doors for you.

Don’t be too far from the game, Chris. We need people like you to remind us at the end of the day, it’s only a game and a small part of a greater journey we are all apart of.


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