Patrick Beverley Says At Least 50% Of NBA Players Do Not Love Basketball

Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images


Patrick Beverley is known for being a gritty player who doesn’t back down from anyone. This is why the point guard has collided with a number of players throughout his entire career.

Beverley also is a trash-talker and one of the biggest ‘cappers’ in the NBA. Combine all these things and you have a recipe for pure entertainment.

The Bulls guard didn’t disappoint with his most recent take, when he said that at least 50% of NBA players do not love basketball.

Per The Pat Bev Podcast:


“Most teammates I know who don’t love basketball are the really f**king good ones – are the most skilled ones. It’s the wildest sh*t in the world. Preparation is different when you got so much skill. You could just show up to the game and get a motherf**ker 30, 40. That might work against other teams who aren’t that good. But you can’t do that in the playoffs.”


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