Pacers’ Late-Game Mistake Of Not Fouling Jaylen Brown Even Had LeBron Scratch His Head


During Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Indiana Pacers had a 3-point lead against the Boston Celtics with less than 10 seconds left in the game. The Pacers chose not to foul Jaylen Brown, who then hit a game-tying three-pointer. 



However, their decision not to foul Jaylen Brown before he hit a game-tying three-pointer left everyone scratching their heads, including LeBron James. 

LeBron expressed his disbelief on social media. He tweeted,


“And y’all still wanna know why I would foul up 3 EVERY SINGLE TIME??”



He wasn’t alone—other analysts and fans echoed similar sentiments. After the game, Pacers coach Rick Carlisle and player Tyrese Haliburton stated that the intent was to foul, but Pascal Siakam, who was guarding Brown, decided against it to avoid a potential four-point play. The game went into overtime, and the Celtics emerged victorious.


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