Kendrick Perkins Voices Concern Over ESPN’s Coverage Of Bronny James


Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins has recently raised concerns over the network’s extensive coverage of Bronny James, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James. Perkins’ comments have resonated with many NBA fans who believe the coverage has been disproportionate.

Bronny James, who declared for the NBA Draft after a single season at USC, has been a hot topic in the media, particularly on ESPN. Despite being a potential second-round pick, the attention he has received has been likened to that of top draft prospects. Perkins pointed out that under normal circumstances, a player of Bronny’s projected draft position would not receive such extensive coverage.



Perkins’ critique comes at a time when the upcoming NBA Draft is considered to have one of the weakest classes in recent memory, leading to a lack of intrigue for major networks in the lead-up. However, the narrative around Bronny James has been amplified, possibly due to the intrigue surrounding LeBron James’ free agency and the prospect of him playing with his son.

The ESPN panel, including Austin Rivers, Bobby Marks, and Adrian Wojnarowski, discussed Bronny’s potential in the league, with Perkins emphasizing that the media should focus more on the players who are likely to be top picks in the draft. He argued that the excessive coverage does not benefit Bronny’s professional aspirations and overshadows other deserving players.

Perkins’ stance has sparked a conversation about media responsibility and the balance between covering a compelling story and providing equitable attention to all athletes. His call for a more measured approach to Bronny’s coverage has been met with support from fans and commentators alike, who appreciate his willingness to speak up on the issue.


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