One Two Punch: Nikola Mirotic Still Doesn’t Talk To Bobby Portis

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports

One Two Punch: Nikola Mirotic Still Doesn’t Talk To Bobby Portis


Nikola Mirotic has somehow revived the Chicago Bulls. Ever since he’s come back from his injury, the Bulls are thriving. In the 12 games Nikola Mirotic has played this season, the Chicago Bulls are 10 and 2. Mirotic is averaging 18.1 points and 7.3 rebounds per game and is having a career year.

Even though Mirotic and teammate Bobby Portis have jokingly been dubbed the Bulls’ ‘one-two-punch’ (Portis was the reason for Mirotic’s injury after punching him in the face), Nikola still doesn’t talk to Portis. That’s what he revealed in an interview with Marca,


“It hasn’t changed. I don’t talk to him and he doesn’t talk to me. We only speak with each other on the court and only because we have to.

Not even in your worst nightmares you expect that to happen, much less with a teammate in practice. It’s not the time to go into detail and talk about it. It was a tough time because I had given up on the National Team, I had put in the work in the summer because I was going to be in the starting lineup and felt this was going to be my year. I knew because I felt ready… Not being able to start the season and lose your spot over something like that was very hard. It took time for me to understand and be positive, but I have proved nothing can break me.”


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