Oklahoma City Voters Mull Tax To Build $900M Arena For Thunder


Oklahoma City voters are on the verge of deciding whether to approve a tax increase that would fund the construction of a new $900 million arena for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The proposal, which would raise the sales tax in Oklahoma County by 1%, would be the largest public investment in the city since the completion of the Chesapeake Energy Arena in 2008.

Supporters of the proposal argue that a new arena is essential to the Thunder’s long-term success and to the city’s overall economy. They point to the fact that the Chesapeake Energy Arena has been a major economic driver for the city, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and creating thousands of jobs.

Opponents of the proposal argue that the tax increase is unfair and that it will burden taxpayers for years to come. They also argue that the city could find other ways to finance the arena, such as using private funds or issuing bonds.

The proposal is expected to be a close vote, with polls showing that it is currently tied. The outcome of the vote will have a significant impact on the future of the Thunder and the city of Oklahoma City.

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