Kevin Garnett Rips Paul Pierce For Saying LeBron James Isn’t Top-Five Player Right Now


In the most recent episode of the KG Certified Showtime Basketball, Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett reacted to comments made by his former Boston Celtics teammate Paul Pierce about LeBron James. Pierce has been vocal about his belief that James currently is not a top-five player.

Garnett, who is widely considered one of the greatest defensive players in NBA history, took exception to Pierce’s comments.


“What? LeBron ain’t top five in the league?” Garnett asked incredulously. “Name five other players better than LeBron right now.”


Pierce then proceeded to name Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid before Garnett cut him off again, while going hard:


“No, no — I ain’t picking none of these motherf**kers over LeBron…

…You get your garbage-ass out of here. What the f**k is you talking about, bum? You act like you don’t even know basketball.”


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