Nikola Jokic’s Older Brother Strahinja Threw Vicious Punch At Lakers Fan During Game 2


The Jokic family has become synonymous with NBA excellence, thanks to the remarkable talent of their youngest member, Nikola Jokic. However, there’s more to this family than meets the eye. Strahinja Jokic, the eldest brother, has a story that combines basketball inspiration, passionate support, and a darker side that has occasionally made headlines.

Born in 1982, Strahinja Jokic stands tall at 6’8″ and, like Nikola, also played basketball in Europe. While Nikola’s game dazzles with finesse and skill, Strahinja’s style mirrors that of Kendrick Perkins—gritty, determined, and fueled by an intense desire to win. Despite not being as naturally talented, Strahinja’s relentless competitiveness left an indelible mark on his younger brother.

Strahinja is a fixture at Nikola’s games. His fervent demeanor on the sidelines mirrors their father’s passion for basketball. The older brother doesn’t hold back—punching chairs during tight games and wearing his emotions on his sleeve. When Nikola faces adversity, Strahinja is there, ready to defend his brother’s honor.

When an on-court altercation between Nikola and Markieff Morris led to suspensions and fines, Strahinja and his other brother, Nemanja, warned Marcus and Markieff not to threaten their brother publicly, vowing to be ready if he took things further.

Now, during last night’s Game 2 between the Nuggets and Lakers, Strahinja was throwing punches at Lakers fans in the stands. He could be seen on video landing a huge right hand.



Like this thrown punch at the Lakers fan, Strahinja’s life isn’t all cheers and animated gestures. In 2019, he faced legal trouble when he was arrested on suspicion of assault. Allegedly, after drinking, he choked and pushed a woman in his Denver apartment. The situation escalated as he prevented her from leaving, even taking away her phone. Eventually, Strahinja pled guilty to a misdemeanor count of obstruction of phone service and felony trespassing in February 2020.

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