George Karl Thinks Nikola Jokic Might Be Better Than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Among Others


Nikola Jokic is undoubtedly one of the best players in the NBA today, perhaps even the absolute best. But when it comes to the all-time greats, Jokic might have a few more boxes to tick before reaching the top of the mountain.

His current resume includes an NBA championship, Finals MVP, two MVP awards, six All-Star selections, and three All-NBA teams. He’s clearly on an upward trajectory, so climbing the ranks of the legends isn’t out of the question. However, former NBA coach George Karl thinks the Nuggets superstar has already arrived.

Sharing his thoughts on X, Karl revealed he believes Jokic might be the best player he’s ever witnessed, even surpassing legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who typically dominate GOAT discussions.


“I’ve been around hoops for 50 years and I’ve seen a lot of incredible players, including Connie, Julius, Michael, Tim, Shaq, KAJ, Kobe, and LBJ,” Karl stated. “But, at this point, I’m thinking Jokic may be the best player I’ve ever seen play basketball.”


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