NBA Twitter With All The Jokes About ‘Clipped’s’ Hilarious Stephen Curry Casting Choice

Screenshot: FX’s Clipped


The art of casting can often be as dramatic and contentious as the plotlines they bring to life. FX’s new series ‘Clipped’ has recently found itself at the center of a humorous uproar from NBA fans, thanks to its casting choice for Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

The series, which delves into the scandal surrounding former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, has been well-received by critics. However, it’s the casting decisions that have sparked a wave of jokes across social media platforms. Unlike HBO’s ‘Winning Time,’ which sought actors resembling the real-life figures they portrayed, ‘Clipped’ has taken a more liberal approach, leading to some rather unexpected on-screen representations of well-known NBA players.

The choice of actor for Stephen Curry, in particular, has left fans bewildered and amused. The actor, Malik Akil, despite his brief screen time and lack of dialogue, became the subject of countless memes and jokes due to his minimal resemblance to the basketball icon. The internet’s reaction was swift and merciless, with fans creating side-by-side comparisons and quips that spread like wildfire.

This casting choice has opened up a broader conversation about the importance of physical resemblance in biographical portrayals. While some argue that acting skill outweighs visual similarity, others feel that a certain degree of likeness is essential, especially for figures as recognizable as Curry.

FX’s ‘Clipped’ may not have scored a three-pointer with its casting, but it has undoubtedly succeeded in creating buzz and laughter, reminding us that sometimes, the world of sports and entertainment can intersect in the most unexpected and hilarious ways.

As the series continues to air, one thing is certain: the casting of Stephen Curry will remain a standout moment, not for its accuracy, but for the comedic gold it has provided to NBA fans and meme enthusiasts alike.



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