23 Years Ago Today, Allen Iverson Stepped Over Ty Lue In The 2001 NBA Finals


In the annals of NBA history, certain moments stand out as defining moments that encapsulate a player’s greatness. One such moment occurred during the 2001 NBA Finals when Allen Iverson executed a move that would forever be etched in basketball lore – his iconic step over Tyron Lue.

The 2001 NBA Finals pitted the Philadelphia 76ers against the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers, led by superstar duo Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Iverson, known for his scoring ability and fearless playing style, carried the weight of his team’s aspirations on his shoulders. Game 1 of the series took place on June 6, 2001, exactly 23 years ago today, and the stage was set for an epic battle.

In overtime, Iverson faced off against Lakers’ guard Tyron Lue. Dribbling the ball with lightning speed and unmatched agility, Iverson unleashed a series of crossovers and dribble moves that left Lue grasping at thin air. In a display of sheer wizardry, Iverson drained a mid-range jumper, sealing the basket with a hand in Lue’s face. As he landed, Iverson took a brief pause, then defiantly stepped over Lue, who had fallen to the ground in an attempt to contest the shot. The crowd erupted, and the image of Iverson stepping over Lue would forever be etched in basketball history.

Allen Iverson’s step over Tyron Lue was more than just a moment of athletic brilliance; it represented the triumph of an underdog and defiance against all odds. Lue, a relatively unknown player at the time, became the embodiment of the Lakers’ dominance, and Iverson’s step over him was a symbolic act of asserting his own greatness. It epitomized Iverson’s unrelenting confidence and unwavering belief in his abilities, regardless of the circumstances. The image captured the essence of a fierce competitor who refused to back down in the face of adversity.

The step-over moment has become an enduring image in NBA culture, serving as a reminder of Iverson’s unmatched talent and individuality. It encapsulated his entire career, defined by his relentless pursuit of greatness, his fearless style of play, and his resilience in the face of larger opponents. The move became a cultural touchstone, permeating popular culture and inspiring countless basketball players and fans around the world.


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