NBA Twitter Was In Awe After Kyrie Irving’s Insane Game-Winner Against The Nuggets


On Sunday, Kyrie Irving delivered a moment that will be part of every recap at the end of the season. With the game on the line against the reigning champion Denver Nuggets, Irving executed a sensational game-winning floater, with his off hand, securing a 107-105 victory for his team.

The game saw numerous lead changes, with both teams showcasing their championship ambitions. However, it was Irving’s moment of magic that stole the headlines.

As the clock ticked down, the Mavericks had possession with the score tied at 105. The atmosphere in the arena was electric, the fans on the edge of their seats. The inbound play was crucial, and Irving, known for his clutch performances, was the man of the hour. With just 2.1 seconds remaining, he received the ball and faced the daunting task of making a shot over the outstretched arms of Nikola Jokić.

Irving, with his trademark confidence, launched a left-handed floater from behind the free-throw line. As the ball sailed through the air and swished through the net as time expired, the crowd erupted, and Irving’s teammates rushed to celebrate with him.


As always and expectedly, NBA Twitter reacted accordingly, praising Irving for the insane game-winner.


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