Broadcast Blunder: Bulls Commentators Fall For Fake Derrick Rose Retirement News


In an era where information travels faster than ever, the line between fact and fiction can sometimes blur. This past Saturday, the Chicago Bulls broadcast team on NBC Sports Chicago experienced this firsthand when they were misled by a fake Woj tweet announcing the retirement of Derrick Rose.

The broadcast duo, Adam Amin and Stacey King, were caught off guard during the live game against the Washington Wizards when they came across a tweet purportedly from ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. The tweet claimed that Derrick Rose, the former Bulls star and current Memphis Grizzlies reserve, was hanging up his sneakers after 15 seasons.

King, upon reading the tweet, brought it to the attention of viewers, sparking a wave of surprise and nostalgia. “It is out on the internet. Adrian Wojnarowski reporting that Derrick Rose is retiring after 15 seasons,” King said during the broadcast. The news, however, was quickly debunked as the tweet turned out to be from a fake account impersonating Wojnarowski.

A few minutes later, they found out about their mishap, admitted it and laughed about it while yelling “We got tricked!”


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