NBA Twitter Reacts To Lakers Shutting Down LeBron James


NBA Twitter Reacts To Lakers Shutting Down LeBron James


This past year’s offseason started with a bang, as the LeBron era in Cleveland had come to an end after James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. The balance of power in the East shifted due to the trade, as the Cleveland Cavaliers went from being a contender to becoming a lottery team. And in the West, so people thought, the Lakers have become contenders.

We all know better now! The Lakers didn’t improve from last season and missed the playoffs once again. Something that has become a reality for Lakers fans and players, but is a rarity for LeBron James. You can see it is bothering him, it has been bothering him all season long.

Last night, the Lakers even revealed that they’ll be shutting down James for their final six games.

This led to NBA Twitter reacting to the shut down, as you can imagine. While some fans were happy, others reacted with jokes.


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