Kobe Bryant Throws Shade At Kevin Durant

Photo Credt: Kyusung Gong/The Orange County Register via AP

Kobe Bryant Throws Shade At Kevin Durant


Kobe was asked what he thought about Kevin Durant’s signing with the Warriors on the Jim Rome Show. He made clear, that he would have reacted very differently – as a competitor, throwing a little shade at Durant, in not doing so.


“I would have thought less about myself if I looked at that move and said, ‘That’s unfair. If you’re a real competitor, you look at that and say, ‘OK, lace ’em up. Let’s go. I don’t care how many players you have over there; we’re still going to take you down.'”


Bryant also talked about how Russell Westbrook reminds him about himself – seeing a lot of his tendencies in Durant’s former teammate.


“When I turn on the TV and watch players play, the player who plays with the same kind of emotion and grit and competitive intensity is Russell,” he said. “He’s going hard, doesn’t matter who’s playing against, doesn’t matter what the odds are. … He’s going 110 percent every single time.”


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