NBA History? The Golden State Warriors Played An All Binary Number Lineup Vs Toronto 

Photo by San Francisco Chronicle

NBA History? The Golden State Warriors Played An All Binary Number Lineup Vs Toronto 


Last night’s game between the defending champions Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors saw the Raptors lose for a fifth consecutive game. The Warriors beat the Canadians 126-110 and didn’t even miss their injured superstar Stephen Curry too much in this one.

Jordan Poole led the way with 43 points in a game that had basically been decided after three quarters.

The game wasn’t too special and won’t be remembered for too long. In the first quarter however, something special happened. Granted, while watching the game, I didn’t even notice, but Redditor jay_wiz was the one to point out that for a total of 14 seconds, the Golden State Warriors played in a full binary lineup. This may easily have been a first in NBA history.

Per Reddit:


With 4:27 left in the first quarter, JaMychal Green and Ty Jerome checked in for Kevon Looney and Jordan Poole. Less than a minute later, Jonathan Kuminga checks in for Draymond Green with 3:46 left in the quarter to complete the full binary lineup:

  • 00 – Jonathan Kuminga

  • 0 – Donte Divincenzo

  • 1 – JaMychal Green

  • 10 – Ty Jerome

  • 11 – Klay Thompson

This lineup lasted 14 seconds, until Moses Moody (number 4) checked in for Donte Divincenzo.


A binary number is a positional numeral system with two as the base. The binary number system consists of two different numerals – zero and one. These can be used to represent all other numbers. As it has the advantages of easy implementation by logic gates, it is mostly used in electronic and computer-based devices, networking and digital signal processing.

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