Josh Hart Accidentally Threw Some Shade At His New Head Coach Frank Vogel

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Josh Hart Accidentally Threw Some Shade At His New Head Coach Frank Vogel


The Los Angeles Lakers have been a mess this season and it seems as this continues well into the off-season.

Magic is gone, other star players are more and more unlikely to sign with the team, there even are trade rumors about LeBron James, and the team seems to be dysfunctional overall.

But, at least one of the Lakers’ road works has been completed… for now. Frank Vogel will be the team’s new head coach and Jason Kidd will become his assistant.

One of the players Vogel might get to coach (if he hasn’t been traded until then), is Josh Hart. The talented young guard though already threw some major shade towards his new coach… accidentally. Hart was guest on Gilbert Arenas’ No Chill Podcast and mentioned how he doesn’t appreciate being told how to play basketball by 45-year-old dudes who never played basketball before.

Vogel is exactly 45-years old…


“We got people who never hooped before doing all the analytics and bullshit. They never hooped before. Trying to tell us what to do. Like, we’ve trained our whole life. We’re adults. We try to be professional when they bust our ass. You telling me that this dude that’s 45 that never played, doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body, gonna tell me how to play basketball?”


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