NBA Fans Destroyed ABC And ESPN For Their NBA Finals Coverage


As the NBA Finals captivate basketball enthusiasts around the globe, the quality of coverage provided by broadcasters is under intense scrutiny. This year, ABC and ESPN’s handling of the NBA Finals has sparked a wave of criticism from fans, who have expressed their dissatisfaction with what they perceive as lackluster coverage.

The collaboration between ABC and ESPN during Game 2 of the NBA Finals left fans wanting more. The broadcast, which was supposed to be a highlight of the season, was met with frustration and disappointment. Fans took to social media to voice their opinions, lamenting the absence of the engaging analysis and vibrant energy they had come to expect from such a significant event.

The backlash was not limited to a few isolated comments; it was a widespread sentiment shared across various platforms. Fans compared the coverage unfavorably to TNT’s ‘Inside the NBA,’ praising the latter for its depth and entertainment value. The criticism ranged from the lack of detailed analysis to the overall presentation, which some described as having the “aura of a regular season matinee” rather than the grandeur of the NBA Finals.

Specific points of contention included the failure to display timeout counts and the perceived poor quality of the halftime show that mostly consisted of ads. Fans missed the comprehensive breakdowns and expert insights that were a staple of TNT’s coverage. The ESPN studio show, in particular, was singled out for not living up to expectations, with fans longing for the days when the NBA was covered by TNT.

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