James Harden’s Priceless Reaction To Girlfriend Catching The Bouquet At A Wedding


In a scene that could have been scripted for a romantic comedy, NBA star James Harden found himself at the center of viral attention this past weekend. The occasion? A wedding where his girlfriend, Jessyka Janshel, caught the bouquet, and Harden’s reaction was nothing short of cinematic.

The tradition of the bouquet toss at weddings is a well-known one, where the single woman who catches the thrown bouquet is said to be the next in line to marry. While this superstition rarely holds true, it seems that Harden might be a believer, or at least, he’s aware of the implications. As Janshel triumphantly secured the bouquet, Harden’s expression transformed into one of sheer disbelief, as if he had just seen a ghost.



The video of this moment quickly made its way around the internet, with fans and spectators alike chiming in with humorous takes on Harden’s reaction. Some joked about Harden’s aversion to ‘rings’ in any form, while others playfully speculated on the future of his bachelor lifestyle. The clip shows Harden with a look of astonishment, one that mirrors the expressions he’s reserved for NBA referees in the past.

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