NBA Champion 2016 – Congrats Anderson Varejao


NBA Champion 2016 – Congrats Anderson Varejao


The Finals are far from over as the Cavs won last night and forced Game 7. But Anderson Varejao could be NBA champion regardless of which team wins the Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Anderson Varejao is going to be happy because he’ll probably receive his first NBA ring. Congratulations Andy.


Varejao started the season with the Eastern Conference Champions Cleveland Cavaliers and played 31 games for them. He averaged 2.6 points, and 2.9 rebounds per game. After almost twelve years with the Cavs, the 33 year old Brazilian was traded on February 18, along with a future first-round draft pick, to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for a future second-round pick. Upon being acquired by Portland, he was waived by the team.

On February 22, 2016, Varejao signed with the Golden State Warriors. He made his debut for the Warriors two days later. The Warriors won an NBA record 73 games to eclipse the 72 wins set by the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls. Varejao averaged 2.6 points and 2.3 rebounds per game in his 22 regular season games with the Warriors and since the Warriors made it to the 2016 NBA Finals where they will face Varejao’s former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Varejao became the first player to play for both Finals teams in the same season, making him a definite 2016 NBA Champion already.


Back in 2010, as Steve Henson of yahoo Sports reports, the San Francisco Giants traded Bengie Molina to the Texas Rangers mid-season. Fast forward a couple months later, and Molina was the first player in MLB history to appear in the World Series and play against a team he played for earlier that season. The receiving of a ring is up to management and the organization. The organization can give it to just the players, the players and coaches, or even the players, coaches, and team managers. It’s up to the organization, and the Cavs will likely reward Varejao if they come out victorious and with an NBA Championship.




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