NBA Celebs Who Like to Gamble

Kenny Eliason


Gambling is one of America’s favorite pastimes. With the rise of the online gambling market, more people are finding their way into the industry. For instance, according to Erik King on Zamsino, there are many online casinos that offer lucrative bonuses that attract new players, including athletes and celebrities in all fields. This article gives a list of some of the NBA celebs who like to gamble in various casinos.


Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is perhaps one of the most influential and well-known sports personalities of all time. He is considered a legend by many, while some even consider him to be superior to other NBA players. MJ being a legend does not mean that he does not have hobbies. One of his main hobbies has been gambling. He is well known for his gambling habits and is reported to have gambled millions over the years. He is known to place large bets; for example, he placed a bet of $100,000 in the 1996 Super Bowl. Jordan is also known for his love of roulette and craps. 


J R Smith

You would not be a basketball lover if you did not know who J R Smith was. Smith is one of the most sensational NBA players who has made a huge impact on the game. This NBA player is known for his love of casino games, especially poker. Back in the days, Smith preferred playing at Casinos in Atlantic City. The love and passion for gambling has been illustrated in Smith given an ordeal that happened to him in 2010. He reported being a victim of burglary, where precious possessions were taken from his house. Among the stolen goods was a suitcase containing $15,000. Smith later referred to this money as “gambling money.” It would be hard to imagine that someone would stack such huge amounts of cash specifically for gambling.


Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is another legendary NBA player who has been well-known for his gambling. Unlike Michael Jordan and other NBA players who have a love for gambling, Charles almost lost his fortune because of gambling. In an interview, Charles admitted that he lost between $10 million and $20 million on gambling during the 1980s. That made him quit for two years, but he resumed being more conscious of how he was gambling. Charles has also admitted to having won over $1 million a number of times.


In conclusion, it is evident that NBA players have a love for this form of entertainment. Most of them have won various amounts of money while also losing. 

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