NBA Analyst Sees Ben Simmons As A Minimum-Level Player: “He’s Not Reliable”


Once hailed as a potential all-time great, Ben Simmons, the former No. 1 overall pick and All-Star, has faced harsh criticism within NBA circles in recent years.

This criticism gained momentum after Simmons underperformed in the playoffs and experienced a highly-publicized blunder during the 2021 playoffs. Since then, Simmons has grappled with a decline in production, recurring injuries, and friction with his former team.

The former No. 1 pick has weathered setbacks and endured rough patches, most recently an injury that sidelines him today. Considering all this, ESPN’s Bobby Marks believes that if Simmons were a free agent right now, he would be considered a minimum-level player.

Per HoopsHype:


Marks: If Simmons was a free agent this offseason, he’d get the minimum because he’s not reliable. That’s just the reality of it. What team out there, unless you’re going to sign him and put an injury protection clause in there that protects every part of his body, what team would go out there? I thought he was pretty good in the games he played this year, but since 2020-21, he hasn’t played.


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