Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Air Jordan 1s Sold At Auction

Photo Credit: VINCENT LAFORET/AFP/Getty Images

Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Air Jordan 1s Sold At Auction


This past Sunday a pair of customized original game-worn Air Jordan 1s were auctioned off for $55,000. Jordan wore the sneakers in his first game back fron an injury, in November 1985. The shoe had an extra ankle support to help promote support for his foot.

According to the auction director Chris Ivy, there aren’t many game-worn Air Jordan’s still out there.

“For a global audience of Jordan collectors, this is as good as it gets. Only a tiny handful of game-worn Jordan I’s are known to exist, and this unique pair is by far the rarest and most desirable of that breed, as our result would confirm.”



Earlier this year, Michael Jordan’s autographed shoes from the 1984 Olympics Golde Medal Game, were sold at auction.

The shoes sold for a record price for game used sneakers for an insane $190,373. The Converse sneakers were put up for auction by the ball boy who worked the game as an 11-year-old, who is the son Los Angeles Lakers legend Gail Goodrich.

It was the last time Jordan wore Converse sneakers in a game. He singed a contract with Nike directly after the Olypmics.

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