Michael Jordan On Slapping Malik Monk On His Head

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Michael Jordan On Slapping Malik Monk On His Head


On Wednesday night, the Charlotte Hornets beat the Detroit Pistons 108-107 thanks to Jeremy Lamb’s game-winner.

When Lamb put his team up 108-106, with 0.3 seconds to go, some Hornets players celebrated too early. Malik Monk got called for a ‘too many players on the court’ technical foul and his boss, Michael Jordan, wasn’t exactly happy with him.

As Monk went back to the bench, the greatest player of all time, slapped him on his head a couple of times.



Now, Jordan himself spoke about the incident, per the Associated Press‘ Steve Reed.


Hornets owner Michael Jordan says lightly smacking the back of second-year guard Malik Monk’s head in closing seconds of Wednesday night’s win against the Pistons was a “tap of endearment.”

The Hornets owner, says “It was like a big brother and little brother tap. No negative intent. Only love!”


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