Matisse Thybulle’s ‘Road To Tokyo’ Episode 3

Youtube/Matisse Thybulle

Matisse Thybulle’s ‘Road To Tokyo’ Episode 3


Last year Philadelphia 76ers defensive stopper Matisse Thybulle became the unlikely hero of the NBA Bubble in Orlando when he started vlogging and documenting the experience.

All of the personally shot and edited footage was amazing, and documented this historic event perfectly. It easily compared to the video quality of some of the best Youtubers. Tisse quickly became the Casey Neistat of the NBA and had appearances on the biggest late night shows and news channels.

Now, a year later, Matisse Thybulle is back at vlogging. This time, he’s providing an inside look at his journey to Tokyo with the Australian Men’s National Basketball Team. Thybulle, who was born in the US, but spent a big part of his childhood in Australia, is providing an amazing inside look again.


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