Luka Doncic’s Incredibly Clutch Performance Against The Nets Is Unbelievable


The Dallas Mavericks spent most of last season cruising along as a borderline playoff team in the Western Conference. Acquiring Kyrie Irving before the NBA trade deadline, the Mavericks themselves even believed that they were in line to become a legitimate threat in the NBA playoffs.

But in a sudden turn of events, the Mavericks fond themselves pictured out of the play-in tournament, therefore disappointingly missing out on the playoffs.

Maybe this is part of the reason why Luka Doncic has been a man on a mission. Doncic has stayed in shape all summer long and has started the 2023-24 regular season incredibly hot.

During last night’s game against the Brooklyn Nets, Doncic secured the win with an incredibly clutch performance. On his way to 49 points, Luka scored 12 of them in the last three minutes – each of these came packaged as incredibly clutch three pointers, with each one becoming increasingly difficult. What a masterclass!


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