Luka Doncic Says LeBron James Is His Idol, But Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Of All Time

Photo Credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Luka Doncic Says LeBron James Is His Idol, But Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Of All Time


Luka Doncic easily is the most decorated rookie in NBA history. Just this past season alone, he won the EuroLeague title and the Spanish League title with Real Madrid, as well as the EuroBaskets with his native country of Slovenia. He also became the youngest EuroLeague MVP, EuroLeague Final Four MVP in history and the youngest player to ever be named ACB Most Valuable Player (Spanish League MVP).

We guys, over in Europe, already knew he will be special before he was drafted, and it only took a handful of games to convince the rest of the world that he is legit. His attributes include athleticism, basketball intelligence and the ability to play against older players. He has a competitive drive, as well as unique versatility with the ability to dribble with both hands, rebound, shoot with range as well as passing and scoring in a variety of ways.

Last week, the Dallas Mavericks played against the Los Angeles Lakers. It was Doncic’s first game against one of the greatest players to ever play in this league, LeBron James.

Luka revealed that he was talking to James during the game, asking him if he could have his jersey after the game. LeBron agreed, obviously gave him the jersey and even signed it. It was a special moment for him, as LeBron James is Doncic’s idol. That’s what Luka revealed during a global media conference call, I was part of. When asked about this moment, Doncic said:


“It was something special for me, for sure. I looked up to him as my idol. It was just great for me. Like I said, it was special, and it will be a day that I remember.”


But later in the call, when asked about his rookie season performance so far, with stats no rookie had since Michael Jordan, Doncic revealed that this meant the world to him because Michael Jordan was his GOAT:


“That’s everything, because I mean, Jordan was — he’s the best player that ever played the game. But I don’t think you can compare me with him because he had an amazing career. That’s why he’s the best player of all time.”

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