Los Angeles Clippers’ Tight Schedule: A Daylight Savings Dilemma


In an unusual turn of events, the Los Angeles Clippers are set to face the Milwaukee Bucks just 22 hours after their game against the Chicago Bulls. This scheduling anomaly has raised eyebrows and questions about its adherence to NBA protocols, especially considering the influence of Daylight Savings Time.



Typically, NBA teams are given a minimum rest period between games of 24-hours. However, due to the Daylight Savings Time adjustment, which pushes the clock forward by an hour, the Clippers find themselves in a tighter spot than usual.

NBA protocols are designed to ensure player welfare, with adequate rest periods between games being a key component. The league’s scheduling formula aims to balance competitiveness with practical logistics, taking into account travel and rest time. However, the impact of Daylight Savings on scheduling is a gray area, with no specific mention in the league’s public documents.

This cause some major displeasure from within the Clippers. Announcer Brian Sieman, for example, went off on NBA schedule makers Saturday’s game against Chicago:


“They gave the Clippers back to back day game situation the day of daylight savings time and then they bumped the game up an hour…Those responsible should be embarrassed.”



As the Clippers gear up to face the Bucks, all eyes will be on how they manage this unique challenge. Will this tight turnaround affect their performance, or will they rise to the occasion?

Only time—and perhaps the time change—will tell.


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