LeBron James’ Reaction After Jayson Tatum Poster Revealed

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

LeBron James’ Reaction After Jayson Tatum Poster Revealed


In last year’s offseason, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge achieved his goal in bringing in a superstar player without giving up any of his young, major assets in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

As often, when talking about the Celtics’ front office, this turned out to be a smart move. After Brown’s successful rookie campaign, they paired him with their 2017 number three pick Jayson Tatum.

Brown majorly improved and took his game to another level. While his defense had already been stunning in his rookie year, he added a diverse offensive game to his arsenal this season and has become one of the league’s best young two-way players. Jayson Tatum on the other hand has taken the NBA by storm. He also is a great two-way player with an already great offensive game.

Tatum has surprised everyone in this league during his rookie season; fans, journalists and players. He led a team that lost two All-Stars due to injuries to the Conference Finals.

In these conference Finals, Tatum possibly had the best play of the post-season, easily the most memorable of his career, when he posterized LeBron James.



Yahoo Sport’s Ben Rohrbach, now revealed what LeBron James had to say about the play and the rookie after the game:


“He got me! That f***ing Tatum boomed me. He’s so good, he’s so good, he’s so good, he’s so good, he’s so good!”


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