LeBron James Questions Why Adults Stoop To Tearing Down Young Athletes Like Caitlin Clark And Bronny James


Two of the most talked-about young athletes in basketball are Caitlin Clark and Bronny James. Clark was a college phenomenon and is now taking her popularity to the WNBA. Bronny, meanwhile, naturally draws massive attention as the son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

While both young athletes enjoy the spotlight, the flip side is the hate that comes with it. Even Bronny recognized this, recently admitting the struggles of being LeBron’s son because of the criticism thrown his way.


“It’s tough,” he admitted on SiriusXM NBA Radio on Monday. “A lot of criticism gets thrown my way. But you know, I’ve got to deal with it. We all know what I’ve been through. I just try to make the best of my opportunities that are given to me.”



It’s debatable how much of this criticism is valid or constructive, but there’s no denying these two face more unwanted hate and unwarranted criticism than some of their counterparts. LeBron, one of the most criticized athletes ever, sees this well. He can’t understand why grown men and women would want to tear down young athletes like Clark and Bronny. 


“I’m getting the same thing from watching my son, who’s a 19-year-old, kind of getting a lot of animosity and hatred towards him when he’s just a kid trying to live out his dream. You know, there’s a very small number of men and women that actually get to live out their dream of playing the professional sport. And we have grown-ass men and women out here doing whatever they can to try to make sure that does not happen. That is the weirdest thing in the world, but it is what it is, and I’m glad that Caitlin has a great head on her shoulders.”


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